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Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society

Joynagar Moa:

It is our pleasure to state that Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society has obtained Geographical Indication Registration for “Joynagar Moa/Joynagarer Moa”.  It is actually the result of our prolong effort to restore the originality of our traditional and ethnic product of the soil of Joynagar.


Now, we intend to commemorate this historic event by making complete commercial project/effort to make this G.I. product of Bengal (Only Second after Darjeeling Tea, in food item sector) to reach the National & Global market and to develop the economic and social development of the region involved and related segments.


Joynagar-Majilpur, the renowned village of the South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal, 50k.m. from South Kolkata, is situated in a sacred place, from where near about 500 years ago the Adi Ganga (The Ganges) used to flow before joining the Bay of Bengal. On the way to ‘Neelachal’ Sree Chaityanya Mahaprabhu along with his followers, travelled these places over the Ganges.
This village was very rich in culture during that period. This village was a centre of Sanskrit culture and was named as second ‘Nabadwip’ of Bengal. In the nineteen century, Shib Nath Sastry, the great social reformer, Pandit Umesh Chandra Dutta, the pioneer of spreading female education in Bengal, Sir Nilratan Sarkar, the famous physician, Kalidas Dutta, the famous Archaeologist, Bimal Krishna Motilal, the Spaulding Professor of far eastern region in Oxford University, the Second Asian to adorn this post after Dr. Radha Krishnan and many other prominent personalities of this village dedicated themselves for the cause of Indian’s freedom and Renaissance Movement of Bengal.


In addition to this great cultural heritage of the villages of Joynagar-Majilpur, there is another heritage of this region and its neighbourhood region. It is the famous Sweetmeat Industry named “Moa”. For a long time, this sweet Moa of Joynagar has impressed many people, not only in different district of West Bengal but also in other states by its sweet scent, flavour and quality.



Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society

The liquid juice of date-tree of Joynagar is famous for its wide public use and manifestation. The date-tree is being used and propagated around the vast area of Joynagar-Majilpur alongwith sober public use and gur-cultivators meaningful fame all around. It is a long and silent use of the propagator public. The viscous 'gur' is popular enjoying mass acceptability across generations that give this 'gur' a widely growing appeal.


This gur which is unique in its place of origin Joynagar. This gur is the core and binder of popped rice and other condiments which constitute the round shaped Joynagarer Moa. It is the combination of all ingredients best on the binding power of Nalen gur which is derived from the sap of date-tree which goes on to produce jaggary which is the essential base for the Joynagar Moa.


The flavour and sweetness make this genre of Moa- a popular and lovable combination of taste and aroma with a long tradition. Joynagar 'Moa' is a creative endevour product of 'Moawallas' of Joynagar. The tender flavour and fulfilling perception of the Joynagar Moa is widely known all over the country.


The soothing relishing mystique of the 'Moa' is palpable as well as enigmatic. Though the sweet juice of date-tree enriches the palate of privileged as well as and under privileged of all age groups who relishes and savours the delicacy. The Moa has attained the status of self-sustaining identity with its unique tender flavour and soothing sweetness.


This product has the attributes of traditional cultural expression which form the focus of fostering friendships. Hence the needs to consolidate organized and mentor the repertoire of the living legend of Joynagarer Moa.



     Ashok Kumar Kayal


Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society


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