Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society

Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society (JMNS) was incorporated as a Society under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act on 22 nd August, 2005 vide Regn. No. S/1L/31363 of 2005-2006 having it’s registered office situated at Radhaballavtala Road, Joynagar, Dist 24 Parganas (S), West Bengal, PIN-743337. JMNS which is a non- profit Organisation, has a strength of 416 members 08.12.2019 out of which 11 members form part of its Executive Committee.


Joynagar Moa Nirmakari Society has in its membership base, the representatives / nominees from the producers/manufacturers of the villages in the district including the karigars, shiuli, farmers, and other stakeholders as well. It includes members both male and female members from all castes of the society.



Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society
  • To acquire, establish, start, run, maintain or manage organization for the benefit of the sweet-makers like Moa of the locality otherwise known as Joynagarer Moa.
  • To study, cultivate and demonstrate the art and technique of preparing Joynagar Moa.
  • To keep close relation among the members of the society for their welfare.
  • To take up and handle the problems of the members relating to their business and to try to solve such problems through mutual discussion and arbitration.
  • To help the needy members in case of prolonged sickness, accidents, permanent disability and death of such members.
  • To improve the economic and social standards of the members.
  • Organizing planned plantation of trees.
  • To prevent cutting of trees for wasteful and diversionary use as firewood.
  • To prevent pollution soil erosion and maintenance of ecological balance.
  • The Nalen Gur would also be used as the remedy of various diseases like anti cough and arthritis.
  • To benefit the entire trade of Joynagar Moa & Sweetmeat Industry of Joynagar and the region at large
  • To benefit all who are associated with the packaging, producers, consumers, transportation and Global Marketing of Joynagar Moa & Nalen Gur.

Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society with its continued stringent efforts and perusal had been accredited with a Geographical Indication.